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Kevin Marques, previously known as Kevin Sheldrake (born Kevin Bartlett[1], 1961) is an athlete, singer and charity worker.

His father was in the Army, and the family moved many times during his childhood. He went to school in many different places, including Kirkcudbright, Salisbury, Basingstoke, Canterbury, Hollywood, County Down, and Uckfield, as well as Celle and Rinteln in Germany. At the age of 11 he changed his surname to Sheldrake, when his mother remarried. He changed it again, to Marques, on starting a career as a recording artist.[1]


From the age of 14 he had a strong interest in sports, mainly athletics, but sometimes badminton. He competed in athletic competitions at County and National level, as well as with clubs in Germany. In the 1990 Gay Games in Vancouver he won gold and silver medals for athletics. He has been involved with the British Lesbian and Gay Sports Federation.[1]


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