Isabella Segal

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Isabella Segal
Isabella Segal (born c.1956) is an accountant.
"From early childhood, I have struggled with issues surrounding my gender identity. I grew up in North West London in a lovely, warm secular Jewish family with my late Dad, my Mum (Ruth) and my younger sister. However, as a child I would pray every night that when I woke up the next morning I would be a girl."[1]

She was ranked number 47 in the Rainbow List 2014. The citation said:

"Segal, a partner at Nyman Libson Paul, was one of only two trans executives to appear in the Financial Times top 100 list of LGBT executives. She began living full-time as a woman in May last year and says that most of her colleagues and clients have been “hugely supportive”.[2]

She had gender reassignment surgery in 2015.[1]


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