Huma Qazi

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Huma Qazi
Huma Qazi, born 1971[1] is a business woman, head of her own consultancy firm, and a director of Pride in London.

She was educated at Karachi University , Pakistan and the University of Manchester[2] and has lived and/or worked in Abu Dhabi, Karachi, Aberdeen, Houston and now London[3]

She was ranked number 14 in the Rainbow List 2014 and under "Business Leaders" in the Pride Power List 2015. The Rainbow List 2014 citation said:

"A managing director of her own HR consultancy, Huma Qazi spends her free time volunteering as a director for Pride in London. She brings her experience from the HR industry to help raise awareness of LGBT diversity and inclusion, educating those in school and in the workplace."[4]

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