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Book cover showing Gilbert (right) and George (left)
Gilbert and George (Gilbert Prousch, born 1943 in San Martin de Tor, Italy and George Passmore, born 1942 in Plymouth) are a pair of artists who work together as a collaborative duo. They are known for their distinctive and highly formal appearance and manner and also for their brightly coloured graphic-style photo-based artworks.

The two first met in 1967 while studying sculpture at Saint Martin's School of Art. They say they came together because George was the only person who could understand Gilbert's rather poor English. In a 2002 interview with the Daily Telegraph, they said of their meeting: "it was love at first sight".[1] They have claimed that they married in 2008.[2]

For many years, Gilbert & George have been residents of Fournier Street, Spitalfields, East London. Their entire body of work has been created in, and focused on, the East End, which they see as a microcosm. According to George, "Nothing happens in the world that doesn't happen in the East End."[2]


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