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EastEnders title screen
EastEnders is a television soap opera, set in the East End of London. It was created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland and has been broadcast on BBC One since 1985.

The show features a large number of gay, lesbian and bisexual characters, including Colin Russell (played by Michael Cashman), Barry Clark,[1] Simon Raymond, Tony Hills,[2] Sonia Fowler, Naomi Julien,[3] Tina Carter, Tosh Mackintosh,[4] Ben Mitchell and Paul Coker.[5] Kyle Slater, a transgender character played by Riley Carter Millington, was introduced in 2015.[6]

In 1987 EastEnders showed the first ever gay kiss in a UK soap, much to the outrage of the viewing public.[7] A small kiss on the forehead, given to Barry from Colin, received a record number of complaints from angry viewers. In addition, the right-wing British press reacted with fury.[8] In January 1989, there was further uproar at the time for broadcasting the first mouth-to-mouth kiss between two gay men on British television [9].

In November 2017 it was awarded the Jackie Forster Gay Times Honour (Impact in Music, TV, Film & Entertainment).[10]


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