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Brownies was a gay sauna in Streatham, South London. It closed following a police raid in May 1988; the owner receiveda six-month jail sentence and a £5,000 fine,[1][2]

Following the raids, Brownies reopened as Aquarius, but has since closed down.


  1. "Policing Gay Sex", Gay Times issue 138, March 1990 "The draconian sentence (six months jail and a £5,000 fine) on the owner and manager of Brownies sauna for keeping a disorderly house is a case in point".
  2. "Sauna owner appeals against prison sentence" Gay Times issue 127, April 1989. Quote from Judge Sir David Hughes-Morgan: 'There was also, he said, an "element of corruption". "Anyone who came off the street merely to take a sauna... would be able to see what was going on and be invited to take part. The possibilities are quite devastating and the sentence must demonstrate society's shock and horror at what was going on."'