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Brighton Pride is usually held every year in Brighton, East Sussex, originally in May and latterly in August (but the 2012 event was on the 1st of September). The first event was held on The Level in 1992[1] or alternatively comprised a march from Hove Town Hall to Brighton Town Hall in 1991 to protest against Section 28.[2]. There are also unsubstantiated accounts of a Pride in 1973.[2] The 2020 Brighton Pride was cancelled in April 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis [3].

Brighton Pride now includes a parade through the streets from the seafront, ending at Preston Park where there is a festival. In 2000 two rival organisations competed to run Pride: the existing Brighton Pride organisation was successfully challenged by Pride 2000, led by Nimrod Ping.[2] The organisation running Brighton Pride for a number of years (Pride Southeast Limited) has been a registered charity since 2004.[4] The festival had historically been free, but it was decided to charge admission for the first time in 2011.

For 2012 Pride Southeast Limited proposed to put on only a festival and no parade, but this was rejected by the City Council.[5] Instead, the Council appointed a new company, Pride Brighton and Hove, to run the event, including both a parade and a festival.[6]

Winter Pride

Brighton Winter Pride has been held in February or March since 2005.

Doggy Pride

Brighton Doggy Pride takes place in July.[7]

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