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Brian Epstein (1934–1967) was a music entrepreneur, best known as the manager of the Beatles.

He was born in Liverpool, and went to a number of schools including Wrekin College, a public school in Wellington, Shropshire, before working in the family furniture shop. He studied for a while at RADA in London, but returned to Liverpool to take charge of the family's record store, NEMS (North End Music Store).

In 1961, Epstein saw the Beatles perform at the Cavern, was impressed, and soon became their manager. He got them to dress more smartly, and introduced them to George Martin of EMI, leading to their phenomenal success.

Epstein's homosexuality was well known amongst his friends and business colleagues.[1] His death aged 32 was due to an overdose of drugs, combined with alcohol, but was recorded as accidental death.


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