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Manchester-based BiPhoria is the longest-running bisexual social/support project in the UK. It was established in 1994 through the coming together of the Manchester Men's Bisexual Group and Manchester Bi Women's Group.

From its first meeting on 1st September 1994 to 2000 it met monthly at the Lesbian & Gay Centre on Sidney Street on the first Thursday of each month for the main social/support meetings, with other social events in the rest of the month. From September 2000 onwards it has met at the Lesbian & Gay Foundation building on the first Tuesday of each month.

The group has hosted events each year since 1999 to mark Bi Visibility Day on September 23rd, as well as several Bi Activist Conferences, four BiFests and other events.

Spin-off groups have included Bisexual Action Manchester, Bi Youth, Bisexual Action.

In addition to its core face-to-face work, BiPhoria has published a number of reports and resources reflecting bisexual needs and issues. Current resources include a publication on bisexuality & mental health (2011) and a pocket guide to coming out and staying out, “Getting Bi in a Gay / Straight World” (2011).

The longest-running bisexual group in the UK was previously London Bi Group which ran for over twenty years but closed in 2003.

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