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Aurora is Croydon's LGBT Police Consultation Group.

Aurora was set up in 2003, and has been meeting regularly every two months in Croydon Town Hall since 2004.

Initially the officers of Aurora included both police and community representatives, who took it in turns to chair the meetings. From 2009 onwards however the police indicated that they no longer wished to be members of Aurora, so the meeting is now always chaired by the Community Representative or his/her deputy. The police continue to attend and to report on homophobic incidents.

Notable achievements by Aurora include the "Which Loo" document advising trans people on the use of public toilets (2006),[1] and the Aurora School Bullying Project (2007–08), mainly organised by Roger Burg, which secured National Lottery funding for Sue Sanders of Chrysalis to give presentations to local schools about bullying of LGBT and other pupils.[2]

In 2008 Aurora celebrated its 5th birthday with a large imitation "cake".[3] Later that year some members proposed that Aurora should be closed, on the grounds of insufficient active membership,[4] but this was rejected at the next Aurora meeting",[5] and in 2013 it celebrated its 10th birthday.[6]

The Aurora website at one time advertised a telephone service called "Look-OUT" for reporting hate crime.[7]

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