Antonia Belcher

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Antonia Belcher
Antonia Belcher is a business woman. She a is a founding Partner of MHBC which was established in early 2007, and has 40 years’ experience in the construction and property industries. MHBC is an LLP and is a new breed of "multi-skilled" Building Consultancy. Antonia transitioned in 2000 in a very male dominated working environment, where there was no history or visible LGBT influences to draw on.[1]

She was listed number 94 on the Rainbow List 2014. The citation said:

"Belcher is a founding partner of the building consultant MHBC – one of only two trans executives to make the FT’s LGBT Top100 list – and worked on office blocks, mansions and shopping centres. She argued this summer that big businesses have become more welcoming to trans employees."[2]


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