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Andrew McMillan
Andrew McMillan, born 1988, is a poet. He was born in South Yorkshire. He studied English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University, and then an MA in modernism from University College London. He is now lecturer/senior lecturer in Creative Writing at Liverpool John Moores University. As well as poetry, he has written journalism for The Guardian and The Independent and appeared on BBC Radio 3 and 4.[1]

In 2015 he won the Guardian first book award - the first time this prize had been won by a poet.[2]

"I came out to my parents when I was 16. ... I shouted something, my sister shouted back: "Well are you gay?" I said I was. Two weeks later I [told] my dad. He said "well done." ... That evening, lying in my converted loft-room in the small village we lived in just outside Barnsley, I was given a copy of Thom Gunn's Collected Poems. I fell in love. Here was a poet who I felt was speaking directly to me, not of things I'd experienced but of things I wanted to experience; loves I wanted to feel.[3]


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