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Birmingham LGBT logo
Birmingham LGBT is a charity that works to support and sustain a vibrant, diverse LGBT community in Birmingham.

It was set up in 2002, and was originally named Birmingham Pride Trust, reflecting its origins as a breakaway group from Birmingham's Pride festival.[1] Its initial funding was from profits from the Pride Festival. Several of the former Pride organisers had wanted to do something to improve the quality of life of the LGBT community year round, not just during the May bank holiday festival.

In 2013 the charity opened the Birmingham LGBT Centre on Holloway Circus in Birmingham City Centre.[2]

Birmingham's Director, Steph Keeble, and Health and Wellbeing Manager, David Viney, were jointly ranked number 94 in the Pink List 2012. The citation said:

"At least one person who nominated Keeble (director) and Viney (health and wellbeing manager) insists that they have "transformed Birmingham's LGBT community", by supporting the city's Festival of Queer Culture and successfully bidding to open the first LGBT Health & Wellbeing Centre."[3]