A Gay History of Britain

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Cover of A Gay History of Britian
A Gay History of Britain: Love and Sex Between Men Since the Middle Ages is edited by Dr Matt Cook. Greenwood World Publishing, Oxford, 2006.

ISBN 978-1-84645-002-0


  1. "Male-Male Love and Sex in the Middle Ages, 1000–1500" by Robert Mills
  2. "Renaissance Sodomy, 1500–1700" by Randolph Trumbach
  3. "Modern Sodomy: The Origins of Homosexuality, 1700–1800" by Randolph Trumbach
  4. "Secrets, Crimes and Diseases, 1800–1914" by H G Cocks
  5. "Queer Conflicts: Love, Sex and War, 1914–1967" by Matt Cook
  6. "From Gay Reform to Gaydar, 1967–2006" by Matt Cook