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Sir Nicholas Hytner
Sir Nicholas Hytner (born 1956) is the Director of the National Theatre, and a theatre, film and opera director whose major successes include Miss Saigon, The History Boys and One Man, Two Guvnors.

He was born and brought up in Manchester and studied English at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

Hytner is openly gay.[1] Although brought up in a Jewish household, Hytner said in 2010:

"I'm not a believer, but I do think it is a significant part of my adventure and it fascinates me. I couldn't say I'm a member of the Jewish community or gay community in that I don't seek out either of those communities to hang out with, but it is an important part of who I believe myself to [be]."[2]

He was ranked 32 in the Pink List 2011 and 39 in the Pink List 2012. The citation for the Pink List 2012 said:

"The National Theatre has never been so prosperous as it is under Hytner's leadership. But his role as a champion of the arts extends beyond the South Bank: only last month he fought the corner of regional theatres, warning they were in "clear and present" financial danger."


Based on a Wikipedia article.

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