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The Sailing & Cruising Association, founded in 1980, is an LGBT sailing and powerboat club, open to all who either own boats or just want to get afloat.

As of 2012 there are over 400 members, including an increasing number of women members. Prospective memenbers don't need to be an experienced sailor or own their own boat; there are plenty of opportunities to crew for one of the 120 boat owners, or to get together with other members to charter boats, both home and abroad.

Monthly social meetings are held in London and Ipswich.

The club was selected as a finalist in RYA Club of the Year Awards in 2011. The RYA recognised the value of the ‘virtual’ club concept:

"With no fixed club house, the organisation is still able to reach out to its members, both domestically and overseas and, with an extensive annual activities programme, the organisation brings like-minded sailors together in a professionally run, friendly and fun club."

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