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Dr Mike Youle
Mike Youle (Michael Simon Youle, born 1960)[1] is a British doctor and clinical researcher specializing in HIV treatment. He publicised the concept of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PREP) for HIV and has studied the health economics of HIV therapy.

He was the presenter in the Terrence Higgins Trust video Getting It Right, published in 1993.

In 1995 he was included in the Independent's list of 40 influential gay men. The citation said:

"Medicine is not renowned for its openly gay men and women: the sparsely attended Gay Medical Association collapsed several years ago. Within the HIV/Aids discipline the climate is healthier. The 35-year-old Youle is known internationally for his research work in HIV. He is based at London's Kobler Centre which has developed an interactive, multi-disciplinary approach towards research, delivering a host of treatments to a well-informed patient base. Youle says: "As a gay man with many friends affected by HIV, it is important to me work in this field. The achievements of the past 10 years make the tragedy of the epidemic easier to bear.""[2]
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