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Mike Frost speaking at the CHE conference, 2012

Mike Frost is a gay writer, who also uses the name Mick Carter.

Writing as Mick Carter

Boys of Club Tiger

A novel about the lives of a group of misfit and disturbed gay men who frequent or work in the seedy Club Tiger near Camden Town. A man is found drowned in the Canal. His suicide note says he was falsely accused of gay rape. Later a man is accused of gay rape. Is he guilty? Is there a connection? Two police officers get involved. Meanwhile life, sex and drugs continue at Club Tiger.[1]

Writing as Mike Frost

Homosexuality and The Bible

All the important sections of the Old and New Testament that could be relevant to homosexuality are examined to see what they could really mean. The author concludes that none of them justify homophobia.[2]


A collection of 46 short, some very short, poems.[3]


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