Michael Black and John Morgan

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Michael Black and John Morgan
Michael Black and John Morgan are a gay couple from Brampton near Huntingdon who booked a room in a guesthouse in Cookham, Berkshire in March 2010. When they arrived to use the room they were turned away because the owners, Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, considered it against their Christian principles to let a gay couple share a double bed. They called the police, who told they they could bring a civil case. They began legal proceedings in January 2011 and were awarded damages of £1,800 each at the trial in October 20121 at Reading County Court.[1]

They were ranked number 101 in the Pink List 2012. The citation said::

"The couple shot to unsought fame this year after winning a historic legal victory over a Berkshire B&B owner, Susanne Wilkinson, who had refused them a room citing her belief that homosexuality is a sin. The landmark verdict of discrimination will make hotel stays easier for LGBT people."[2]

In July 2013 Mrs Wilkinson lost an appeal against the verdict, but was given leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.[3]

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