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MCC East London logo, c.2013
MCC East London is a congregation of the Metropolitan Community Church, located in East London. MCC North London founded MCC East London (also known as Icon MCC) as an outreach project, "a parish extension group was established with the objective to form a church".[1] MCC East London held its first service on Pentecost Sunday in 1991.[1]

The church has met at a number of locations, including:

Rev Jane Clarke was pastor in the early days.[2]

Rev Carmen Margarita Sánchez De León was appointed pastor in April 2009.[5]

In August 2010 Reverend Caroline Redfearn, a regular preacher for and active member of MCC East London, died from a cancer-related illness.[8] In November 2004 she was the first African-Caribbean descent woman to be ordained at MCC in the United Kingdom.[8][9]

The pastor in January 2016 was Rev Jak Davis.[7]

The current pastor is Stacey Ingrassia.

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