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The Dynamo Dykes started in 1992, when a small number of women formed the first and only lesbian volleyball club in London.

Enthusiasm and a good mix of fun and steady hard work, has been the key to our success. Some of our early members and their spawn are still around all these years later! Many new players have joined and we have grown into one of the biggest volleyball clubs in London.

To challenge our volleyball skills we entered our first beginner’s team in the London Volleyball Association’s Womens League in the early nineties. Ten years on, and we now have an advanced team playing in the First Division and two further teams in the Second Division, each led by their own coach

As a real highlight once or twice each year, the Dynamo Dykes travel to participate in international tournaments organised by similar gay and lesbian volleyball clubs in exciting cities in Europe and other parts of the world.

These tournaments are for everyone to enjoy a nice game and allow separate entry of teams of beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The organising club will usually arrange hosted housing for the visiting teams.

We have many sweet memories of tie breaks, victories and embarrassing losses, late nights and great parties with our friends in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen, and not to forget the world famous Gay Olympic Games in New York (1994), Amsterdam (1998) and Sydney (2002).

Dating back to our early years, our London club has a reputation of excellence in partying and making a good time even out of a terrible volleyball match. Many friends, partners and ex members join us regularly for drinks and meals after matches, and all sorts of fun social events, including weekends on the beach, murder mysteries and of course the yearly Christmas Party.

In 2013 the Dynamo Dykes hosted the 25th European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament (EULEVOTO).[1]

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