Michael Arditti

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Michael Arditti
Michael Arditti is an English writer.
"He may be gay, and a novelist, but Michael Arditti's literary preoccupations tend to be more spiritual than sexual."[1]

His novels include Easter (2000)[2], Unity (2005)[3], The Enemy of the Good (2009) and Jubilate (2011)[4]. He has also written a collection of short stories, Good Clean Fun (2004)[5] and is a prolific literary critic and an occasional broadcaster for the BBC. Much of his work has explored issues of spirituality and sexuality, and he has been described by Philip Pullman as ‘Our best chronicler of the rewards and pitfalls of present day faith’.

Michael Arditti was born in Cheshire and educated at Rydal School and Jesus College, Cambridge. In his early career, he wrote plays for the stage and the radio and was a theatre critic for the London Evening Standard. He writes book reviews for several British papers and periodicals, including the Daily Telegraph, the Independent and The Times.

His novel Easter won the Waterstone’s Mardi Gras award and his other novels have been shortlisted for various awards. He was a Harold Hyam Wingate Scholar in 2000, a Royal Literary Fund Fellow in 2001 and the Leverhulme artist in residence at the Freud museum in 2008. He won an Oppenheim-John Downes memorial award in 2003, and Arts Council awards in 2004 and 2007.

External links

http://www.michaelarditti.com Michael Arditti's website


Partly based on the Wikipedia article of the same name.

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