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LMG, originally the London Monday Group for Homosexual Equality, was a gay social group meeting on Monday evenings in central London. It was originally a local CHE group, undertaking campaigning as well as social activities.

The group was founded in 1971, originally as CHE London Group 10. For a time it was known as the West London Group, but met over the years in various places in both West and Central London. In 1982, along with other CHE groups, it became independent, under the name "London Monday Group for Homosexual Equality". In 2010 it decided to become solely a social group, and re-affiliated to CHE. LMG was a long-standing member group of SLAGO.

From 1987 to 2008 the group also helped organise the Capital Quiz, the annual knock-out quiz championship held in the early part of each year.

In January 2012 the group decided to disband, and donated its remaining funds to various worthy causes.

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