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Juno Roche, speaking at the 2014 NUT Conference
Juno Roche (aged 50 in 2014)[1] is a trans campaigner and former teacher.

Having taught in a primary school for eight years, her decision to come to work as a woman led to two years of legal battles, before she eventually got her job back in 2013. She left after a term, and is now working to support other transgender teachers across the country.[1]

"Transgender issues are just so badly handled in schools. I had nothing but fantastic support from parents and pupils, but my headteacher said it would be easier if I found somewhere else to work."[1]

She was listed number 23 in the Rainbow List 2015. The citation said:

"Roche campaigns for transgender issues and works for trans teachers to remain in work while transitioning. She co-founded Trans Workers UK and the Trans Teachers Network. She received the NUT's Blair Peach Award this year, for outstanding contribution to equality.[2]

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