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Jonathan Blake[1], born 1949, attended Oundle School, attended drama school in Sidcup and worked as Assistant Stage Manager at Derby Playhouse. He was involved in Lesbians and Gay Men Support The Miners. He later worked for English National Opera as a tailor. In 1991 he was interviewed by Margot Farnham. The interview is available for listening on the British Library online oral archive [2].

Jonathan Blake

Blake discusses his middle-class Jewish upbringing, his schooling, having gay sex after meeting a man in a public lavatory (aka cottage) in Birmingham when he was a young teenager, being diagnosed as HIV positive in October 1982 [3], joining Gays for a Nuclear Free Future, Coming out to parents and many other issues and experiences.


  1. Jonathan S Goodman was his original name
  3. Patient number at The Middlesex Hospital L1 (London1): very early in the HIV/AIDS pandemic