Gay Men and Lesbians Affected by Multiple Sclerosis

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GLAMS logo
Gay Men and Lesbians Affected by Multiple Sclerosis (GLAMS or GLAMSUK) was the national support group for LGBT people affected by multiple sclerosis.

It offered:

  • A quarterly newsletter including a mix of national news about MS as well as news about the LGBT community
  • Social events where LGBT people affected by MS could meet
  • Information events with MS specialist nurses, neurologists and other health professionals as speakers
  • A website and an active and supportive online discussion board.

It was a member of the LGBT Consortium in 2011,[1] but closed in 2015.

"The GLAMS forum has been inactive for some time now- and unfortunately, in recent years, there’s been a lack of volunteers able to monitor this forum, manage the support group or attend to the mail box. We feel that an inactive forum is possibly less helpful than none at all, so we’ll be closing it in the next few days."[2]


  2. Multiple Sclerosis Society: "GLAMS to be distinguished", 6 March 2015