Timeline of UK LGBT Religion, Belief and Philosophy

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This is a Timeline of UK LGBT Religion, Belief and Philosophy, created in connection with the theme of LGBT History Month 2016. Each of the events listed below has an article about it on this wiki: click the words in blue for more information.

The Middle Ages

Saint Ælred of Rievaulx
  • late 6th centuryFindchán and Áid the Black are cursed by Saint Columba.
  • 597 – Saint Augustine becomes first Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • 670 – Saint Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, prescribes fasts and penances for various homosexual acts.
  • 804 – Death of Alcuin, scholar and deacon, who wrote homoerotic poetry.
  • 850s – a woman from Wimborne Minster is supposedly elected Pope Joan.
  • 1102 – Archbishop Anselm convenes the Council of London: the council condemns homosexuality, but Anselm refuses to allow the decree to be published.
  • 1102 – Saint Ælred becomes Abbot of Rievaulx. Although celibate, he wrote of his intense love for other monks.
  • 1123Rahere founds S Bartholomew's Hospital having had a vision of the saint.
  • 1189William Longchamp becomes Bishop of Ely, Lord Chancellor, and effectively ruler of England in King Richard I's absence on the Crusades.
  • 1223Gerald of Wales published a book denouncing same-sex marriage in Ireland.

The Reformation and later

John Atherton and John Childe
  • 1533 – the Buggery Act is part of Henry VIII's campaign to seize power from the church.
  • 1541Rev Nicholas Udall, Headmaster of Eton, convicted for buggery.
  • 1553 – Queen Mary I, a Roman Catholic, comes to the throne; the Buggery Act 1533 is repealed, along with other Protestant acts of parliament.
  • 1563 – the Buggery Act is re-enacted under Elizabeth I, a Protestant.
  • 1604 – death of Archbishop John Whitgift.
  • 1628Jeremy Farrer is found "abusing himself in a sodomitical manner" in a church.
  • 1640 – Bishop John Atherton is executed for buggery.
  • 1660Rev John Wilkins and others found the Royal Society.
  • 1678Rev Titus Oates invents the "Popish plot".

The 19th Century

Jeremy Bentham
  • 1813Rev John Church accused of being chaplain at a Molly House and conducting same-sex weddings.
  • 1822Percy Jocelyn is deposed as Bishop of Clogher for "sodomitical practices".
  • 1832 – death of the philosopher Jeremy Bentham; he had written in favour of the decriminalisation of gay sex.
  • 1863Rev Charles Vaughan turns down the chance to be a bishop. His reason is kept secret for 100 years.
  • 1883Edward White Benson becomes Archbiship of Canterbury.
  • 1889Frederick Rolfe ("Baron Corvo") is expelled from his college and fails to become a Roman Catholic priest.
  • 1890 – death of Cardinal Newman. He is buried as he wished beside his close friend Fr Ambrose St John.

The 20th Century

Ludwig Wittgenstein
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The 21st Century

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