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Peter Christopherson
Peter Christopherson (Peter Martin Christopherson, also known as Sleazy,1955–2010[1]) was a musician, video director, commercial artist, designer and photographer, and former member of British design agency Hipgnosis.

Christopherson was born in Leeds, and studied computer programming, theatre design and video in the USA at the State University of New York, Buffalo.[1]

He was one of the original members of the Industrial Records band Throbbing Gristle (TG). After Throbbing Gristle he participated in the formation of Psychic TV along with Genesis P-Orridge and Geoff Rushton, who became known as John Balance.[1] After his short time in Psychic TV, Christopherson formed Coil with Balance, which lasted for just under 23 years until Balance died of a fall in their London home.[1] Christopherson participated in the reunification of Throbbing Gristle and, after his relocation to Thailand in 2005, composed an album for his solo endeavour The Threshold HouseBoys Choir.

Christopherson died in his sleep in Bangkok on 25 November 2010 and the cause of his death was not made public.


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