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The London Titans FC, formed in 2005, is a gay-friendly football club based in London. Titans have had one team playing in the GFSN National League, and two teams (Titans Outwest and Titans 2Brewers) playing in the London Unity League. For the 2012–2013 season their manager, Ed Connell, took the Titans first team into a straight league.

The club welcomes new members regardless of their age, sexuality or ability.

The club is looking to build on the success and growth over the last six seasons. They seek to maintain the high standard of football via a proven combination of offering supportive, enjoyable football whilst continuing to pride themselves in having an excellent social aspect to the club, whether they win or lose.

The club plays competitive matches across London, the country and the world, as well as regularly holding friendly training sessions with our FA-qualified coaches. There are also regular 5-a-side sessions.

With over 50 members and growing, they are one of the biggest and friendliest LGB teams in the country.

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