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Yoga is a system of practices and breathing based on ancient Hindu tradition. As currently practiced in Western societies it is mainly treated as a system of exercises aimed at increasing health and body awareness.

LGBT history

A number of LGBT community groups have included yoga amongst their activities, and there have been several yoga classes aimed solely or mainly at LGBT people, particularly gay men, for instance the Yoga for Gay Men classes in Islington.

Nude yoga

Nude yoga
There is a tradition in India of practicing yoga in the nude. In more recent times, nude yoga for men has become popular around the world. Such classes are usually open to both gay and straight, but typically attract a preponderance of gay men.

Yoganu provides nude yoga classes for men (both gay and straight) in Covent Garden.[1] It was founded by Mark Mulligan, and at one time described specifically as nude gay yoga.[2]

Altogether Yoga provides nude yoga classes for men in Islington and Brighton.[3]

In 2017 Peter Tuohy was offering gay men's yoga and also hot nude yoga.[4]


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