West London Gender Variant Association

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The West London Gender Variant Association was a group based in Hounslow to support gender variant people.

"The core values and aims of the WLGVA were: to provide a friendly, empathetic and safe environment in which all gender variant people, their families and friends, can socialise together; to provide support and assistance to them in dealing with issues they may encounter in their daily lives; to facilitate, promote, and encourage the education of agencies such as police LGBT community support teams, central and local government authorities and housing organisations, employers, and society in general, regarding the many different forms of gender variance; to foster understanding, equal treatment, safety, and protection in law in all areas and issues affecting gender variant people; to work to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of local gender-variant people by building communication links and positive working relationships with the relevant health organisations, to ensure fair and equal access to surgical procedures, medication, psychological care and funding access criteria throughout the West London area.[1]

It had disappeared from the internet by 2021.


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