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Miller photographed by Andrew Horovitz, 25 September 2011
Wentworth Miller (Wentworth Earl Miller III born 1972) is an actor.

Miller was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, the son of American parents,[1] Roxann (née Palm), a special education teacher, and Wentworth E. Miller II, a lawyer and teacher.[2] Miller said in 2003 that his father is black and his mother is white.[3] Miller's family moved to Brooklyn, USA, when he was a year old.[4] He graduated from Princeton University in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in English literature. He has dual British/American citizenship.

In 2007, Miller denied to InStyle magazine that he was gay.[5] However, he came out as gay in August 2013, when he posted a letter on GLAAD's website declining an invitation to attend the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival because he felt "deeply troubled" by the Russian government's treatment of its gay citizens (referring to Russian LGBT propaganda law enacted the previous June which banned "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations").[6][7] Miller wrote that he "cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly".[6]

At the 2013 Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle, Washington, Miller said he had attempted suicide multiple times as a teenager before coming out as gay.[8] He said: "When someone asked me if that was a cry for help, I said no, because I told no one. You only cry for help if you believe there's help to cry for."[8] He discussed struggling in Hollywood as a closeted actor, and talked about how his involvement in the ManKind Project helped him learn about brotherhood, sisterhood, and being part of a community.[9]

He was listed number 72 in the World Pride Power List 2014.


Largely based on a Wikipedia article.

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