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Thomas Wright, a wool comber, was tried at the Old Bailey for the crime of sodomy with Thomas Newton.

Thomas Wright was indicted for committing Buggery with Thomas Newton . Jan 10 1724- 5. Thomas Newton thus depos'd. Last January 12 Month, the Prisoner had the Carnal Use of my Body at his own House, in Christophers Alley in Moor-fields : He was a Wooll-Comber by Trade, but he sold a Dram among such Company as came to his House. - He afterwards remov'd to Beech Lane, and there kept Rooms for the entertainment of Sodomites.
from Old Bailey Online

Moorfrields was home to the “Sodomites’ Walk”, a central London cruising area.

Thomas Wright was hanged on 9 May 1726 at Tyburn (with William Griffin, and Gabriel Lawrence), who was also convicted of buggery with Thomas Newton.

Thomas Newton also brought charges against William Griffin, Gabriel Lawrence and William Brown.

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