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The Make A Difference Trust brings together the British Entertainment community and its audiences to raise funds to support people living with HIV and AIDS, and those in the entertainment industry facing hardship as a result of a long-term medical condition.

Its vision is:

  • A World in which people living with HIV and AIDS are treated with respect and can lead healthy lives.
  • A World where those who fundraise for us – namely the entertainment community - are supported when faced with hardship as a result of a long-term medical condition.

The charity started off as West End Cares. It was run by actors, singers and dancers in the West End of London raising money through putting on midnight performances and donating all the money to the charity. It also collected donations from audiences at West End Theatres on World Aids Day.

The West End Cares Song Contest was introduced in the late nineties to provide a platform for outstanding new material performed in the Theatre. The winning song also titled an album produced from the chosen finalists. One of its iconic annual fundraising shows is TheatreBares – taking its inspiration from the film The Full Monty.

In 2001 it changed it name from West End Cares to TheatreCares – becoming a National Charity, and covering more than ‘West End Musicals’.

It has been under the leadership, from the start, of David Pendlebury.

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