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SLAGO (The Surrey and London Association of Gay Organisations) is an umbrella group encompassing a number of LGBT groups in central and south London. The SLAGO Liaison Committee meets about once a quarter, to plan future events.

SLAGO member groups as of January 2017 are:[1]


SLAGO maintains a list of forthcoming events of interest to its member groups – see – and organises special events such as the annual trip to Brighton in May, and for a number of years the Purley Garden Party in August. The groups compete in a variety of contests for the SLAGO Cup, awarded annually from 1982 onwards.

Membership of SLAGO entitles each group to its own website, provided by SLAGO, if it doesn't have one already.


SLAGO was formed in 1981, initially as SAGO (Surrey Area Gay Organisations).

Member groups at the outset were:

Other early member groups included:

Former member groups

The following groups were members at some time between 1997 and 2002:[3]

The following were also members as at April 2013:[4]


SLAGO at one time held conferences. The last of these was held at the Bread and Roses, Clapham in 1999.[5] There were 35 delegates, representing the following 16 groups:

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