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This article is about the Roman Catholic group. For the workshop-based project for gay men, see The Quest.
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Quest is an organisation for gay, lesbian and bisexual Roman Catholics, founded in 1974.[1]

Membership is open to all who share Quest’s aims, regardless of sexual orientation or religious affiliation. Transgendered persons should feel themselves especially welcome. Quest was established and is led by lay Catholics; however, clergy and religious are welcome to join and support the organisation.[2]

The national body hosts an annual conference, publishes a magazine "Quest Bulletin"[1] 3 times a year, and runs the website. Regional groups in London, East and West Midlands Yorkshire and Glasgow host a range of local events.

In October 2015, four members represented Quest at the founding conference in Rome of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics [2], which was held to co-incide with the opening of the Catholic Bishops' Synod Assembly on Marriage and Family. At the conclusion of the GNRC conference, Ruby Almeida, the chair of Quest, was elected to the new body's steering committee of 10.

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