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The Independent on Sunday’s Pink List recognises the most influential LGBT people in the UK, and has been published every year since 2000.

Pink List 2000

The Pink List 2000 published in the Independent on Sunday on 6 August 2000, was the first of the IoS’s lists of the most prominent LGBT people in the UK, and contained 50 names.

"Thirty years ago, this list - which "outs" no one and includes only the names of those happy, or willing, to participate - would have been an exercise in journalistic "name and shame". Those featured would, in many instances, have felt obliged to resign from their places of employment, or at least to consider their position."[1].

Pink List 2010

For 2010, the judges included Ben Bradshaw, Clare Balding, Ben Summerskill, Greg Barker, Jane Czyzselska, Paul Jenkins, Simon Milton and John Amaechi.[2]

As well as the Top 101 (apparently missing number 68) there were separate lists of non-UK people ("Another Country"), "National Treasures", and a "Rogues Gallery".

For a list of winners, see Category:Pink List 2010

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