Patrick Gale

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Patrick Gale
Patrick Gale (born 1962, Isle of Wight) is a novelist.

His father was the prison governor of Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of Wight when Gale was born, and he was brought up in and around prisons. In his 2000 novel Rough Music, the lead character is the son of a prison governor.

Gale was educated at The Pilgrims' School, the choir school for both Winchester Cathedral and Winchester College, then at Winchester College and at New College, Oxford. Following university he had a range of jobs while he sang for the London Philharmonic Choir and wrote his first novel, The Aerodynamics of Pork while working as a waiter in an all-night restaurant. He now lives on a farm belonging to his partner, Aidan Hicks, near Land's End in Cornwall.[1]

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