Mrs Truman

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Mrs Truman ran a tobacconist's shop next to the army barracks in Albany Street, London. She took orders from "gentlemen" and let the boys at the barracks know "the orders". She was fixing up sexual encounters between upper class gentleman and the young army boys. According to cavalry trooper Fred Jones, a rent boy at the Hundred Guineas Club at the time (1880s), all army recruits were initiated into sodomy by their NCOs immediately upon enlistment. When Mrs Truman died, a series of clubs opened up, including 19 Cleveland Street (of the Cleveland Street scandal) and the upmarket Hundred Guineas Club.

The Albany Street Barracks, officially known as the Regent's Park Barracks, is a British Army barracks located on Albany Street, London, near Regent's Park. The barracks were built in the early nineteenth century. From 1896 to 1969, the Royal Horse Guards were based there, which later became part of the Blues and Royals. With the formation of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in 1991, the Blues and Royals moved to Hyde Park Barracks, Knightsbridge.

Lord Arthur Somerset was a cavalry officer who was based at the Albany Street Barracks. He fled the country, thanks to delays to the police investigation by government intervention, after being exposed as a patron of the 19 Cleveland Street gay brothel.


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