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'Marylebone and Paddington CHE Group also known as Marypad is a gay social group in North London.

The group was founded by Ken Glazier in 1971, and originally called CHE London Group 6. The London CHE groups were soon given geographical areas, and Group 6 was renamed after the Marylebone and Paddington areas of the City of Westminster. It held public meetings at various venues, with a variety of often well-known visiting speakers.[1] The group's 25th anniversary was celebrated in 1996 at an event at the Conway Hall, Holborn.

More recently the group became mainly a social group for gay friends. The membership overlaps with that of The Transport Group. Most of the original members have now died, and the social events are currently held mostly in the Highgate/Crouch End/Holloway areas.

A copy of the Marypad newsletter was found in Dennis Neilson's flat after he was arrested but it is no known whether he was a member.[2]

The group is still affilated with CHE.


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