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LGBT+ Liberal Democrats is the LGBT group within the Liberal Democrats. It was founded soon after the foundation of the Liberal Democrats in 1988, as successor to the Liberal Lesbian & Gay Action and Social Democrats for Lesbian & Gay Action [1]groups in the respective parties which merged to form the Liberal Democrats.

The Chair since January 2014 is Ed Fordham, replacing Adrian Trett, who had been chair since 2010.[2]

As of January 2013, the Presidents are Brian Paddick and Baroness Barker, and the Honorary Patron is Bernard Greaves. The Vice Presidents are Steve Gilbert MP and Steve Williams MP.[2]


When formed in 1989 the organisation was called Democrats for Lesbian & Gay Action, usually abbreviated to DELGA. After a number of bi and trans activists became more engaged in its work, the group changed its name to reflect a broader LGBT remit. From 1996 to 2011 its name was Liberal Democrats for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Action. In 2011 it became LGBT+ Lib Dems, as its work expanded to other gender & sexuality minorities. Differing views on gender led to the formation of a LGB Liberal Forum in 2022 [3]. Members of the Forum include Richard Kirker and Toby Keynes.

Formal Recognition

The organisation is a Specified Associated Organisation (SAO), meaning it is treated like a constituency Local Party with powers to submit policy to party conference and be formally consulted on policy-making in relevant areas.

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