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LGBT+ Liberal Democrats is the LGBT group within the Liberal Democrats. It was founded soon after the foundation of the Liberal Democrats in 1988, as successor to the Liberal Lesbian & Gay Action and Social Democrats for Lesbian & Gay Action groups in the respective parties which merged to form the Liberal Democrats.

The Chair since January 2014 is Ed Fordham, replacing Adrian Trett, who had been chair since 2010.[1]

As of January 2013, the Presidents are Brian Paddick and Baroness Barker, and the Honorary Patron is Bernard Greaves. The Vice Presidents are Steve Gilbert MP and Steve Williams MP.[1]


When formed in 1989 the organisation was called Democrats for Lesbian & Gay Action, usually abbreviated to DELGA. After a number of bi and trans activists became more engaged in its work, the group changed its name to reflect a broader LGBT remit. From 1996 to 2011 its name was Liberal Democrats for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Action. In 2011 it became LGBT+ Lib Dems, as its work expanded to other gender & sexuality minorities.

Formal Recognition

The organisation is a Specified Associated Organisation (SAO), meaning it is treated like a constituency Local Party with powers to submit policy to party conference and be formally consulted on policy-making in relevant areas.

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