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Keshet UK logo
Keshet UK, founded in 2011, is a forum for LGBT Jewish groups, initiatives and activists.

The word "keshet" (Hebrew קשת) means "rainbow").

Keshet UK's co-convenors are Rabbi Ariel Friedlander, a lesbian rabbi for Liberal Judaism, and Dave Shaw, chairman of Gay Jews in London.

The group aims to help explore areas of provision that have seldom been investigated, including, for example, Jewish social care (residential and home-based) for LGBT elderly singles and couples, or the Jewish schooling needs of young people with LGBT parents. Its research and engagement activities will help to broaden the areas of LGBT Jewish provision, incubate new ventures and plan for the future needs of the community.

The Forum’s website will host a joint calendar of all Jewish LGBT events as well as signposting the growing number of LGBT groups and enterprises in the UK.

Keshet UK is a sponsor for the Coalition for Equal Marriage.

Keshet Manchester was registered as a separate charity in May 2009 but removed from the register in September 2011, the reason for removal being "Does not operate".[1]

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