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DASL logo
Drug & Alcohol Service for London (DASL) was a charity based in Stratford, London helping communities to tackle the problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse. It offered services free to residents of the London Borough of Newham. It closed in 2016 after 35 years.
"Unfortunately on 24 March 2016, we will be moving out of our premises in Capital House, Stratford and closing the charity soon after. This is a planned closure based on a decision which has not been taken lightly by the Trustees. It is, we believe, the only choice left to small specialist charities such as ours who, in the face of short-sighted measures by commissioners to find efficiencies, have in fact reduced the map of provision so significantly, that small charities can no longer compete or survive and local communities, specifically the most vulnerable, no longer receive quality services."[1]

DASL was a member of the LGBT Consortium in 2012.[2]


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