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Left to right: Somerville, Steinbachek, Bronski
Bronski Beat were a gay pop trio who achieved success in the 1980s. Their best-selling album was Age of Consent.

The original line-up in 1983 was singer Jimmy Somerville backed by Steve Bronski (born Stephen William Forrest) (1960-2021) and Larry Steinbachek. In May 1985 Somerville left the band [1] and was replaced by John (Jon-Jon) Foster. Later members were Jonathan Hellyer and Richard Coles.

The group's first single was "Smalltown Boy" which had a theme (more explicit in the video) of parental rejection and homophobia. This song was also included on the album Age of Consent.


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  1. Gay Times Issue 81 May 1985 'Jimmy quits Bronski Beat'