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[[Category:Pride Power List 2011|46]]
[[Category:Pride Power List 2011|46]]
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[[Category:People with missing dates]]
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Barrie and Tony with twins, Saffron and Aspen
Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow are a gay couple living in Essex, who have between them have had five children, all conceived with donor eggs and surrogate mothers via the United States. They were the first same sex couple in the UK to use a surrogate mother and to be recognised on the birth certificate of those children, as parent 1 and parent 2.

They met in 1988, when Barrie had just (unbeknown to him) fathered a son, and Tony was about to get married. [1]

Together they set up the British Surrogacy Centre.[2]

They were ranked number 46 (Barrie) and 49 (Tony) in the Pride Power List 2011.


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