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Professor Upchurch delivering the lecture
The first Allan Horsfall Lectures, in memory of Allan Horsfall, founder of CHE, and sponsored by CHE, have been delivered every year since 2015 as part of the academic conference for LGBT History Month.

The speakers have been as follows:

  • 2015 (Friday 13 February, Manchester; delivered at the launch of the First National Festival of LGBT History): Charles Upchurch, Assistant Professor of British History, Florida State University. His talk, sponsored by CHE, was entitled “Like Sympathetic Ink: Identity and the Early Nineteenth-Century Attempt to Reform of the British Sodomy Laws”, and covered some of the earliest attempts to legalise inter-male sex.[1]
  • 2016 (Friday 26 February, Manchester): Peter Tatchell (Peter Tatchell Foundation) & Professor Susan Stryker (Arizona University)
  • 2017 (Friday 3 March, Liverpool): Diana Souhami, on "The Painter Gluck, 'no prefix, suffix, or quotes' and Other Notable Lesbians"[2]
  • 2018 (Friday 16 March, Liverpool): Tom Robinson, singer, who sang "Glad to be Gay"


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