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HMS Victory in 1900
Portsmouth, sometimes known as "Pompey" is a city in southern England, mainly located on Portsea island. it is a unitary authority, within the ceremonial county of Hampshire. Portsmouth has long been one of the UK's main naval ports, and is the home of HMS Victory and other historic naval ships.

LGBT history

In 1628 George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham was murdered in the Greyhound public house in Old Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Gay Community Society moved to meetings at the King's Hotel in 1981. Portsmouth CHE Group was formed in September 1982 after dividing off from the Portsmouth Gay Community Society [1].

In the Portsmouth there is a project called the 4U Project which is specifically designed for young people aged 19 and under who are exploring their sexuality or gender or who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. 4U provides a confidential service, as well as running a weekly youth group in the city in a safe and fun environment [2].

The Portsmouth Defence is a defence sometimes used in trials for assault or murder, in which the defendant claims to have been suffering from "homosexual panic" in response to a sexual approach.


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