Joint Council for Gay Teenagers

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The Joint Council for Gay Teenagers was an organisation formed in 1978 as a response to the success of the London Gay Teenage Group establishing the need for and success of youth-led youth clubs for young gay people. JCGT aimed to encourage such initiatives as the LGTG nationally, through publicity and through helping groups to make connections with each other. Publicity aimed at the youth work and gay press was provided through press releases on the rationale and methodologies for gay youth work, supported by a series of leaflets such as 'Breaking the Silence'.

Gay Youth Groups ;guide produced by the Joint Council December 1980

JCGT enabled groups to link through a series of events including 2 youth camps in the Peak District, and weekend visits between London and Liverpool groups. The JCGT was set up by two youth workers who were members of the management committee of the London Gay Teenage Group; Jonathan Walters and Chris Heaume, and linked closely with community activists such as Michael (Micky) Burbidge.

The JCGT's papers are held at the Hall-Carpenter Archives.